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InfraSpector temperature measuring systems for virus detection
Contactless Measurement

Contactless Measurement

Audio and visual alarms

Audible & Visible Alarms

0.5 second measurement

Rapid Measurement

Quick and Easy to install

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Mek InfraSpector Thermal Screening Systems are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary temperature screening in public places like shops, restaurants, clubs, stations, airports and business premises, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

  • Measure up to 20 people per minute with our single entry stations or up to 40 people simultaneously with our wide area detection systems
  • Non-contact measurement avoids physical contact and is quick, clean & hygienic
  • Rapidly detect skin-surface temperature of a persons forehead or wrist
  • Count people incoming and outgoing; monitor the number of individuals on the premises
  • Different modes of operation via alarms or screening operator
  • Optional audio & /or visual alarm when temperature is above the acceptable 36 °C – 37.3 °C range
  • Most models are easy and quick self-assembly & install
  • Hide or show your preferred data on display to suit different applications & environments
  • Connectivity to external access systems possible
  • Privacy friendly – images are not recorded & do not contain any optical details, just temperature zones
  • Fast delivery

Mek Temperature Measuring Products

Help reduce risk by monitoring employees and visitors’ skin surface
temperatures before they enter your premises.

InfraSpector ThermoStation

Single Entry Systems

InfraSpector Thermostation

Plug and play temperature screening system with access control & face recognition in a package the size of a tablet.

InfraSpector C70 - camera based thermal inspection

Gate Portals

InfraSpector C70 & S70

Thermal Entry Screening Portals based on an IR thermal imaging camera or sensor – Walk-Through Or Walk-Stop-Walk Models.

InfraSpector Expanse thermal imaging fever detection

Wide Area Detection

InfraSpector Expanse

Infrared mass fever screening system for screening of groups of people. Scans up to 40 people simultaneously and from a greater distance.

* Depending on the application, some authorities have regulations regarding privacy and use of medical data. For your particular application, we highly recommend that you verify privacy and medical issues with local authorities prior to use of the system & use in accordance with local laws and regulations.


thermal scanners for public services

Public Services

Airports, railway stations, bus stations, town halls, public authorities, schools, hospitals

thermal scanners for Essential Companies

Essential Services

Shopping centres, supermarkets, banks, bakeries, pharmacies

thermal scanners for social meeting places

Social Meeting Places

Churches, theatres, museums, stadiums, bars, restaurants

thermal entry screening for Private companies

Private Companies

Factories, offices, hotels, warehouses, construction sites, retail

Detection of elevated body temperature is an important factor in the fight against viruses. Mek Thermal screening systems are recognised as a fast and pragmatic tool for this purpose, not only for the current global Coronavirus crisis, but also as an innovative long-term solution, to protect and reduce illness by limiting the spread of infections.

Investment can reduce illness absence and risks of infection without the need for additional staff to operate the equipment. In many countries recommendations and sometimes mandatory regulations have been made for this type of screening.

All of our systems are CE approved, held in stock and can be ordered online and delivered to your premises quickly.

By combining the detection of fever symptoms with other features such as metal detection and counting the number of individuals in and out of premises, InfraSpector systems are perfect for all establishments where groups of people gather and safety and security is important.

Prices start from €1500.00.

Contact Mek to find out more or view products to select the model best for you.

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